Islam Channel Eid Gala Dinner 2018

Dine & be Entertained

Network with an enviable guest list of entrepreneurs and community leaders

The Islam Channel Eid Gala Dinner was held on the Friday 29th June 2018 at the contemporary London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square located in the stylish Mayfair. The distinguished evening aimed to bring together a community of strong and influential Muslims and non-Muslims from all walks of life across the UK. It served as an opportunity for people of different faiths and backgrounds to come together, celebrate and renew the mutual respect for each other, and the wider community.

Thank you to everybody for coming

Highlights of the Evening


Address: London Marriot Hotel, Grosvner Square

Duke Street, London, W1K 6JP

Event enquiries: +(44)207 330 8798



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